Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sunday Night Blues

About this time each Sunday, I reflect on the week ahead and tie up all those loose ends around home that I just won't get to (or want to) once I submerge back into the Monday through Friday routine. So, instead of thinking about it atleast for the next hour...I found some pretty blue pieces to take my mind off all that. Monday will roll around soon enough.

Matthew Williamson + turquoise chiffon = dreams of poolside glamour

The LBD remains namely so...instead the B is for blue.

This Kimono shades of jade mini dress is sexy for cold winter nights as we transition to spring...with just enough coverage in all the right places.

Turquoise NEVER goes out of style. I love these Cabochon dangles.

1 comment:

Krimly said...

love that blue color!!


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