Saturday, July 31, 2010

Le Soulful Mixshow

Without good beats, workouts are just that. Beat. I'd rather skip the workout if I forget to bring my loaded iPod to the gym. Lately, I've been hammering out 30% incline hills on some state of the art treadmill, killing it with sets of jumping jacks, and mixing it up with dreaded squats/lunges and ab work. I'm getting it done to the continuous Podcasts by Klink Le Soulful Mixshows. I'm currently obsessed with the July 11, 2010 Mixshow La Loca 21.

The Mixshow takes the listener on a 1 hour 22 minute house music journey with sexy piano chords, tribal drum beats, male and female soul vocalists, and incredibly positive messages. 24 minutes in features John Legend's "Ordinary People" followed by Stevie Wonder's "My Love is On Fire" at 32 minutes. 42 minutes in is my signal to start my cool down. The Mixshow is even perfect for a long car ride.

Mixshow La Loca 21 Tracklist

Vision Questa - Hold My Heart (Frankie Feliciano Vocal Mix)
Aphreme feat Donald Sheffey - Come a Lil' Closer (John Crockett Rework Vocal Mix)
Jihad Muhammad feat Chris Dockins - No More War (Seedadiandeep Remix)
Soul Addiction - Let it go part 1 (tristram and redford got house remix)
Oumou Sangare - Ah Ndiyah (Boddhi Satva's Soil Spirit Mix)
John Legend - Ordinary People (Karizma Remix)
Jellybean feat Carla Prather - Secrets & Lies (Guy Robin Remix)
Stevie Wonder - My Love is On Fire (DJ Spinna Mix)
The Bucketheads - Sayin Dope
Jill Scott - The Real Thing (Jozana Remix)
Lovebirds - The Night (original mix)
Restless Soul feat Zansika - And I Know It (Jose Carretas Dub)
lovebirds - N2Deep
Ben Tom feat mr V - It's a Party (Nacho Vega's Deep Re-Edit)
B.O.P - Celebrate (BOP Til U Drop mix)
Mood II Swing feat Carol Sylvan - Closer (King Street Moody Club)
The Rurals - Corker (Knee Deep Break a Lot Dub)
95 North - Find a Way to Believe (95 north club mix)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bell Bottom Blues made me cry. That's what Eric Clapton says in the appropriately titled track. Honestly, I never got this song. Was it about a pair of bell bottoms? Or was someone wearing bell bottoms terribly blue? Apparently, English model, photographer, and rock n' roll muse Pattie Boyd inspired Clapton to write it. She just had to have an American pair of bell bottom "blues" or jeans. My sister linked me in to the spot for that perfect pair of bell bottom blues, by Emersonmade. Pattie Boyd (pictured above) may not be my muse, but I visualize her looking a bit like this in hers.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Green Scene

Change is good. Change allows us to start fresh, with a renewed sense of ourselves. Onward and upward. Recently I decided to make some small changes in my daily life and get on the eco-friendly train. And, it feels good. I'm not going out right now and buying a Hybrid car (although, it's not a bad idea) or never again drinking out of a plastic water bottle (but, I really should stop that). So, I've incorporated some way more greener options into my world. I've discovered an array of exciting new things that make going green cool too. Check 'em out...

Get your water fix on with these reusable water bottles.

Ice cream goes green at KindKreme in Studio City, CA. For this Moose Tracks lover, I was more than impressed by the this is way too delicious to be raw, vegan, and organic "ice kreme." The pint sized strip mall shop serves up daily made good to the planet and really good for you flavors like Chocolate Salted Caramel for the salty/sweet lover (that's me), Raw IceKreme Sandwiches, Chocolate IceKreme (with homemade Almond Milk) Shakes, and Fresh Green Juice Blends. I'd say it's worth $3.99/scoop.

Shoe buyer's remorse begone with TOMS shoes. The Santa Monica, CA based espadrille style shoe company gives a pair to a child in need for every pair purchased. There's a ridiculously huge selection too. Love it.

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