Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Haute Chocolat

One of my oh so guilty pleasures is dark chocolate. And, not just any old Hershey's dark chocolate; but the really good kind that with just one little square, nips that chocolate craving in the bud. It works for me atleast. I'm SO glad this is one vice (in its purest form) that actually has some health benefits. They say it's heart healthy to have your daily dose of 1 little square containing 65% or more of cocoa. My heart and I have fallen for any chocolate with 85% or more of cocoa...particularly, Scharffen Berger, Godiva, or Lindt.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Wardrobe Update: The Tan Suede Fringe Jacket

My R & R weekends are never complete without a little shopping. So, my sister and I headed to the consignment shop in Palm Springs where you'd undoubtedly find anything from sequin jumpsuits that most likely still have residue from Studio 54 parties amongst that to-die-for circa 1983 Chanel tweed suit. Among the second hand clothes, we managed to find a couple black blazers, that with just a little swap of the buttons and a thorough dry cleaning, will create a multitude of outfits this fall and winter. And, just when we thought we'd rummaged through enough of the vintage threads worn by some of the most stylish Coachella Valley lady retirees, we spotted the coolest jacket. The perfectly fitting tan suede fringe number is in next to new condition. I can't wait to complete the look with white jeans, a white tank and real Native American turquoise jewelry.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I thought 3 was always a charm. It took me 3 times to pass my driving test when I finally got my license at 17...3 times to remove my 4 wisdom teeth...and 3 jobs in less than a year...I FINALLY landed a permanent 4th job. 4 was always my favorite number.

Starting Monday, less than business casual won't cut it at my new gig. So I'm checking out some new digs and throwing around some outfit ideas. Here are some SUCCEXY looks to inspire me:

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Because It's The Weekend

Don't get lost in the crowd...

My beautiful sister, put your hands in the air. Be strong! Just like Diana Ross circa 1978 in Studio 54's DJ booth. Back when the DJs spun records.

Check out the white jumpsuit Miss Ross wears so well in "The Boss" video. Love it!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fun With Words: Classy

OK, this is a topic I didn't want to address, but after I've heard this word repeatedly used in several unrelated situations over the past 3 weeks, I can no longer hold back. Classy is a word that much like "douchebag" has somehow managed to become an overly used term in the daily vocabulary of those I seem to encounter. Maybe not everyone is noticing the resurgence of the misuse of "classy," but it's certainly made me want to "Google" the dictionary to get a proper definition.
By the way, I love how "Google" is a new verb. When did I stop pulling out my big red Webster's Dictionary to get a proper definition? Alright, nevermind.
So, claims that "classy" is a "Ghettofied adjective from the late 70’s & 80’s that somehow became socially acceptable with predominately middle & upper class homogenized White Americans, especially during the last few years. The biggest mistake connected with the use of this term is that it should never be used to describe oneself. Those who use it to describe themselves never are."
I love how dead on this definition is.
When someone says, "That's classy." I always laugh. Sometimes out loud. Sometimes, quietly to myself. I hate to say it, but using that word seriously is a dealbreaker. Really, it is.
What's more appropriate to say, is "That's classy, with a 'k'." I find myself saying this. My circle of friends get what it means. They know we're being anything but serious when we add in the "k" part.
Ordering a glass of white zinfandel at a sports bar while wearing a Tiffany heart chain link necklace and matching bracelet is classy with a "k." Wearing the tiniest Louis Vuitton purse, because it has the logo, but it was the only affordable bag in the LV line is classy with a "k." Wine tasting in an obnoxious Hummer limo through Napa is classy with a "k." In some ways, classy is used to describe those who try a bit too hard. Because you would never use it to describe yourself if you actually are classy.
So, pay attention and see how much the word is misused. You may be surprised too.

*The klassy Kardashian sisters toast with champagne, and of course the klassy ladies of the "Real Housewives of Orange County."

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Back in Black With Studs

Lately, I've noticed studs everywhere. Not the hot guy type studs (I wish), but actually, studded clothing and accessories. Just last Sunday, I stepped into a Zara store and realized any chick can pretty much channel rock star style with anything from a studded blazer that goes from the office to the club, a belt, spike high heel pumps, handbags, and driving gloves. Studs may get you back in black or even make you wanna sing "Pour Some Sugar On Me."

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Doors

Do you ever daydream and wonder what could have happened if you'd left the house just 1 minute later? Maybe you avoided a horrible accident or missed running into someone you really didn't want to see by only a minute. I totally do this. What really got me thinking about this, is the movie, "Sliding Doors" with Gwyneth Paltrow. In life, we have opportunities that are presented to us like doors. Sometimes, we walk through them and other times, we walk the other way. I sometimes wonder what could have been if I'd done this and not done that. How different would the outcome (life) really be? Because the doors we choose to open not only affect our own path, but the paths of everyone we encounter. Of course, these are the metaphorical doors for change, chance, and opportunity. Here are some other doors that are worth checking out:

In feng shui, a red door brings good luck into the home...

A yellow door is a cheery entrance...

A blue door in Mykonos, Greece...

A modern sliding door...

A Miami style villa in London with glass sliding walls bring the outdoors in...

Double stainless steel doors...

And of course, The Doors chillin at the Morrison Hotel, 1246 Hope Street in Downtown LA. Circa 1970...

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