Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nothing, But The Blues

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Pretty In Pink

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The Paris Apartment

An inspiring space...
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Hot Summer Nights + Rosé Wine = Heaven

On a June Saturday night in L.A., my fabulous sister and husband threw one of their lovely dinner parties for some very dear and some very new friends. My sister served a chilled, sweet rosé wine. One sip of this and I was sold. I suppose afer the beer margaritas I served up at the beginning of the party (more on those later) it was time to "cut" the alcohol. Nothing some Schweppe's Club Soda couldn't remedy. So, a little rosé, a little club soda, and a bar garnish like a lemon or lime and wallah!!! I realized wine coolers aren't so bad after all. I prefer to call my drink a wine spritzer. Sure, you can use a good white wine, like a Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay, but I do love a pretty sparkly pink drink.

Cuveè Chic Wine Spritzer
1) Fill a wine glass (any kind, but goblets work well for a big drink) half full with ice
2) Add:
1/2 glass Rosé wine
1/4 glass good club soda
3) Top with the fruit garnish of your choice (lemon or lime wedge work well)
4) Enjoy!
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L.A. Wine Bars

It seems that wine bars are popping up in every L.A. neighborhood these days. From Santa Monica to Pasadena, you're sure to find that one wine bar that serves up the perfect cuveé. Better yet, try em all! On any given day of the week, any wine enthusiast or amateur can enjoy a glass or bottle. Here's a "flight" of L.A wine bars you should try:

Saluté Wine Bar
Bottle Rock
Ugo: An Italian Cafe
Vertical Wine Bistro
Bacaro LA Wine Bar

At Saluté Wine Bar, try the Layer Cake Zinfandel and the Cataldi Madonna Cerasuolo Rosé
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