Sunday, October 31, 2010

Disco House Music: Jamiroquai

Nothing puts me in a better mood than a killer disco house track. Pair that with a dash of English jazz funk band Jamiroquai and that'll get any party started! At age 15, I listened to my first Jamiroquai album, the band's third. I can still remember how different the sounds of "Travelling Without Moving" were from any other popular music of 1996. I just had to buy that CD and I still own it to this day, though it's gained a few scratches over the last 15 years.
Check out the Knee Deep remix of "Feels So Good" and turn the volume up...way up.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Positive Energy...Positive Vibes

There is plenty to be said about the energy in the world in which we live. All things undergo change. And the forces around us exude energy in ways that impact our own energy. People, places, and things have the ability to deplete or replenish our energy. I constantly strive to surround myself with positivity; people, places, and things that bring me up. With this said, I've recently embarked on the study of the art of Feng Shui at the American Feng Shui Institue of Los Angeles. I never realized there was such a school specializing in Feng Shui, right here in my own backyard, and one that attracts students from all over the globe. If I learn anything at all in my studies, I hope that it's atleast how to create a prosperous position for myself in the universe generating health, happiness, and peace of mind. Positive energy...positive vibes.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Earlier this week, I was once again reminded that my Fall wish list item, the classic tan trench coat, is an absolute must buy. It is the perfect lightweight weatherproof piece of wear to work outerwear. So, instead of longing for it, I went right ahead and ordered it. Done and done. Now, it may not be the ultimately classic Burberry trench coat, but it's pretty darn close. It's the London Fog Double Breasted Trench Coat from Macy's that's pictured above. Considering I'm a resident of one of the most seasonless metropolitan cities in the country, I think it will be with me for years to come. So,bring on the rain!

The Burberry Trench is gorgeous!

The Banana Republic Classic Trench was my 2nd option. The size small was a perfect fit.
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