Monday, October 19, 2009

You Nailed It

Polished nails are oh so pretty. There's nothing worse than a cheap nail polish that doesn't dry within a few minutes, chips by day 2, and is just the wrong shade of pink or red. And, don't even get me started on those women with vanity nail designs. They're kind of like vanity rims on a car. Like, the intention is good and all, but somehow the final outcome is a bit cheap looking.

I've tried them all. From Revlon, to Wet 'n Wild, to Nars, Chanel, Mac, OPI, Essie, and Sally Hansen, there's been some hits and some major misses in the nail polish options on the market. I'm VERY particular about what I put on my nails. Especially finger nails.

Like clothes, nail color speaks volumes about your style and personality. Not everyone can pull off a fire engine red nail. Personally, reds should only be worn on a very short square cut nail. Otherwise, the look borders on call girl-ish. Dark purples and vamps are best suited for the fall and winter. Pinks and nudes are perfect for special occassions like weddings or when your outfit is taking center stage.

On the other hand or foot, have fun with pedicures. Go footloose and fancy free with toe nail color. But, dont' go without it. EVER. Period. There's nothing more disheveled than an unpolished toe nail. It's for the boys. Straight up. For $20, many salons will do a mani/pedi in an hour. Even during a recession, you too can forgo something for a $20 visit to the nail place atleast once a month at the minimum.

Here's a few of my favorite nail colors

CHANEL Vamp - It's the original vamp shade and goes on smooth and dries in a jiffy. LOVE IT!

OPI Big Apple Red - Because every woman should own their own bottle of the perfect shade of red for an instant home nail makeover on the fly.
OPI Lincoln Park After Dark - While this shade is better suited for twenty-somethings, it's a great wintertime nail color next to an untanned hand for that vintage look.

NARS Schiap - This one was a gift to me in college. It is the best shade of pink, perfect for summer, very complimentary to a tan. NARS polishes are hands down (no joke) the best nail polish on the market. Dries fast, chip-proof even without a top coat.

Essie Mademoiselle - Ever need a color, without the colored look? This one does this trick. It's polished, yet doesn't take the spotlight. Perfect for weddings.

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Vanessa said...

Personally, I'm a vamp girl, with Mademoiselle daily, and red for when my outfits are classic black! What about Geranium by OPI or Essie? It's on my list of colors to buy!

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