Sunday, October 18, 2009

Halloween Costumes

Around this time in LA, is just about my favorite time of year. Halloween is 2 weeks away and this year, I'm going to dress up! I was in Chicago last year for a friend's wedding, so I didn't get into the Halloween spirit. Over the years, I've been many 80s partied out tennis player, goth girl, and a Playboy bunny to name a few. There's something so exciting about dressing up as something completely out of character for a night and watching others parade around doing the same. I always get a kick out of how many of us still dress up as if we were kids going out trick or treating in the neighborhood. Like, for one night, it's completely normal to see dudes dressed in drag, a super conservative friend in a "sexy" cop costume, or someone wearing a little bit too revealing of a costume when they shouldn't. Halloween really is a no age limit holiday and those that don't dress up are just no fun!

So, instead of procrastinating until October 30 this year to throw together a costume, my sister and I made a trip to the costume store. So many cop, sexy cowgirl, sexy beer girl, sexy nurse, and so on. You get the picture. Put the word "sexy" in front of anything and you've got yourself a costume! I even mistook the teen girl costume section as women's because they were bordering on sexy. What is this? For one day, it's an excuse to dress up in the most skimpy outfit and it's OK. No one will think twice.

So after I realized that I couldn't try a "sexy" costume on over jeans and a T, I decided to hold off on spending $50 on a crop top, booty short type costume until I could see the full effect. The wig section on the other hand, was SO much more fun. There's the used car salesgirl wig, the 80s rocker chick wig, the Cecilia wig, the truckdriver mullet wig, and the list goes on and on. Feel like being a redhead for the night? There's a wig for you. Feel like channelling your inner Joan Jett? There's one for you. And the wigs aren't cheap. Some will set you back a cool $40 not to mention adding in the time spent styling the mangled tresses to look like the packaging's picture. Have fun!

So, here are some of my favorite costume ideas...

German Beer Girl

Shoot Em Up Cowgirl

FBI Agent


Punk rock chick


sandytefft said...

So have you picked out a costume yet? They are all so cute!

Chelsea Valentine said...

Beer Girl may be the winner...stay posted!

Benita said...

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alen said...

I am also big fan of Halloween costume and I always to first prefer Some different Halloween costume for the party, The bear girl and cowgirl is looking so pretty in the Halloween costume.
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