Thursday, October 8, 2009

Leopards Not Cougars!

Is it just me or are the words cougar and douchebag getting old and frankly not pleasant sounding! I mean, in France, they think you're saying a shower-bag, when you use the word douchebag to describe some totally cheesy guy! Talk about Lost in Translation.

Well, I'[ mgoing to try] throwing out the cougar in my vocabulary and replacing it with some leopard! That's right. It's time for a new breed of kitty to roar this fall! You know you all have some kind of leopard print accessory, handbag, coat, you couldn't quite bring yourself to sell at Buffalo Exchange.

Over the years, leopard always makes a roaring come back! Now that the weather is cooling off in LA, it's more appropriate than ever! Check out these HOT fall leopard looks, you too can pull off!

No, here's to you Mrs. Robinson. The original cougar. OK, I promise I'll stop wearing that word out.

Britain's kittens
Cat women rule the catwalk

Cameron Diaz adds a hint of kitty print

My favorite leopard lady...Kate Moss sporting the Wayfarers


Vanessa said...

Just plain rad! Mrs. R is hanging in my bathroom and has for the past 7 years! Oh to be like the legend she was! One day!

sandytefft said...

Just got myself a pair of Franco Sarto leopard print flats. Can't wait to wear with a pair of jeans or simple black slacks.

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