Friday, November 6, 2009

Fun With Words: Classy

OK, this is a topic I didn't want to address, but after I've heard this word repeatedly used in several unrelated situations over the past 3 weeks, I can no longer hold back. Classy is a word that much like "douchebag" has somehow managed to become an overly used term in the daily vocabulary of those I seem to encounter. Maybe not everyone is noticing the resurgence of the misuse of "classy," but it's certainly made me want to "Google" the dictionary to get a proper definition.
By the way, I love how "Google" is a new verb. When did I stop pulling out my big red Webster's Dictionary to get a proper definition? Alright, nevermind.
So, claims that "classy" is a "Ghettofied adjective from the late 70’s & 80’s that somehow became socially acceptable with predominately middle & upper class homogenized White Americans, especially during the last few years. The biggest mistake connected with the use of this term is that it should never be used to describe oneself. Those who use it to describe themselves never are."
I love how dead on this definition is.
When someone says, "That's classy." I always laugh. Sometimes out loud. Sometimes, quietly to myself. I hate to say it, but using that word seriously is a dealbreaker. Really, it is.
What's more appropriate to say, is "That's classy, with a 'k'." I find myself saying this. My circle of friends get what it means. They know we're being anything but serious when we add in the "k" part.
Ordering a glass of white zinfandel at a sports bar while wearing a Tiffany heart chain link necklace and matching bracelet is classy with a "k." Wearing the tiniest Louis Vuitton purse, because it has the logo, but it was the only affordable bag in the LV line is classy with a "k." Wine tasting in an obnoxious Hummer limo through Napa is classy with a "k." In some ways, classy is used to describe those who try a bit too hard. Because you would never use it to describe yourself if you actually are classy.
So, pay attention and see how much the word is misused. You may be surprised too.

*The klassy Kardashian sisters toast with champagne, and of course the klassy ladies of the "Real Housewives of Orange County."


Vanessa said...

My favorite post by far! Remember we were getting my windows slightly tinted on my car and the lady kept telling me how "klassy" my car would look with tinted out windows??!! I practically walked out of there - hell no do I want a klassy mercedes with tinted out windows like some idiot in "Bevly Hill." You know what I mean! The Kardashians are also very Klassy, they say so themselves!

sandytefft said...

That phone message you received yesterday sent you on a mission to find out the definition of classy. Funny how that happens.

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