Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yacht Rock and The Topsider Crew

The Knights of Monte Carlo

A year ago, a friend of mine introduced me to a genre of music called "Yacht Rock." Soon after, we saw LA's premiere Yacht Rock cover band "Knights of Monte Carlo" (they are cute and pictured above) perform at The Mint in LA.

What's Yacht Rock you ask? You know the tracks...Sailing by Christoper Cross, Africa by Toto, Baby Come Back by Player, What A Fool Believes by The Doobie Brothers, Reminiscing by The Little River Band, and Love Will Find A Way by Pablo Cruise. You've heard them and probably know the words to all of them!

Last weekend another girlfriend of mine invited me to sail to Catalina on her beautiful sailboat. After we docked somewhere off a cove near the LA Yacht Club's Catalina spot, we spent the weekend catching rays, swimming in the cove, snorkelling, hiking, happy hour-ing, and partying at Buccaneer Days...the largest gathering of pirates around!

There's something so random, but fun about saying "Arrr" and "Matey" all day and it's not weird. Hands down, my new favorite weekend stay-cay near LA is Catalina.

You ought to wear this on the yacht...

Somewhere Beyond the Sea

Topsiders are perfect for fall bike rides at the beach...

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Vanessa said...

Awesome post! Love the topsider crew and you better make me a yacht rock cd asap!

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