Monday, October 12, 2009

The Strokes Suit Up

There's something about a fall day in LA like today, that makes me want to throw on some Strokes tracks, particularly from "Is This It?" The album debuted back when rock made a smashing comeback. Mostly, I'm reminiscing about the Fall of 2003 when my sister and I were officially Strokes groupies. We crashed 4 Strokes shows in LA and Vegas...literally crashed.

Our neighborhood Sunset Strip Kinko's staff helped laminate our fake backstage passes that actually worked at both LA and Vegas shows. We snuck underneath the Shrine Auditorium's stage in heels, leather biker jackets, and miniskirts watching the crowd through a vent. The sound of Julian Casablancas and the other Strokes dudes playing just above us on stage will always make me laugh just thinking of how bold we were! Hey, you only live once!

These days Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond, Jr. has collaborated with Confederacy to design a line of rock inspired men's suits. And, by the looks of these threads, you'll want your dude rocking one too.

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