Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hot Summer Nights + Rosé Wine = Heaven

On a June Saturday night in L.A., my fabulous sister and husband threw one of their lovely dinner parties for some very dear and some very new friends. My sister served a chilled, sweet rosé wine. One sip of this and I was sold. I suppose afer the beer margaritas I served up at the beginning of the party (more on those later) it was time to "cut" the alcohol. Nothing some Schweppe's Club Soda couldn't remedy. So, a little rosé, a little club soda, and a bar garnish like a lemon or lime and wallah!!! I realized wine coolers aren't so bad after all. I prefer to call my drink a wine spritzer. Sure, you can use a good white wine, like a Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay, but I do love a pretty sparkly pink drink.

Cuveè Chic Wine Spritzer
1) Fill a wine glass (any kind, but goblets work well for a big drink) half full with ice
2) Add:
1/2 glass Rosé wine
1/4 glass good club soda
3) Top with the fruit garnish of your choice (lemon or lime wedge work well)
4) Enjoy!
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